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Four Rings | Audi Leads The Charge

The latest edition of the acclaimed new podcast series Audi | Behind the Rings drops on Wednesday 30th June, examining how the brand of the four rings is at the very forefront of the electric driving experience.

Electrification | Leading the Charge – the fourth episode of the new free-to-download eight-part series that looks behind the Vorsprung durch Technik curtain – examines how the e-tron GT, the Q4 e-tron, and assorted hybrid models have put Audi front and centre of this new era in motoring.

Host Alex Goy is joined by Anna Chudley, Audi UK’s EV Programmes Manager, and Erik Fairbairn, founder of Pod Point, one of the country’s leading providers of EV charging. Together, they explore what appears to be the sudden proliferation of electric cars is actually a story more than ten years in the making.

Once airily dismissed by automotive critics, how did the electric car become the exciting future of motoring? The pod explains all, as well as prophesying the next developments in electrification, explaining how sustainability and climate change are at the forefront of Audi thinking, and hazarding a guess when the electric / combustion engine status quo will flip.

Audi | Behind the Rings is fast becoming one of the most popular podcasts of 2021. The previous three episodes – Vorsprung durch Technik | Past, Present and Future; Design | Inspired by Audi; and Electrifying Motorsport | A New Era are still available for download. Four further episodes dissecting Audi-related subjects will land at weekly intervals.

Audi | Behind the Rings is available for free download or streaming. Find each episode or subscribe at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or Spotify.

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