Trolleybus Days in Belfast

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Running Time: 35 minutes approx.
RRP: not stated
Subject: Buses
Format: DVD
Studio: Demand Media
Release Year: 2008
Classification: Exempt
Trolleybus Days in Belfast

In the 1950s, Belfast had the largest fleet of trolleybuses to be found in the UK outside London. Introduced in 1938 to replace Belfast’s trams, the high capacity, clean and quiet trolleybuses, were a familiar sight on the streets of the city for the next 20 years.

Trolleybus Days in Belfast presents colour films from 1963 featuring all the routes active at that time, including those to the east of the city which were withdrawn in that year. Additional material focuses on such once familiar scenes as barges and steamers on Belfast Lough and horse-drawn drays and carts progressing through the streets of the city.

This programme will delight those interested in Belfast’s fine trolleybuses, bit more than that, it offers nostalgic memories of the city in the balmy days of the 1960s before the combined efforts of the troubles and the planners radically changed the appearance of the city forever.

A feast of nostalgia for all who know and love Belfast

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Written and narrated by Tom Ferris

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