Classic Buses & Coaches

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Running Time: 51 minutes
RRP: not stated
Subject: Buses
Format: DVD 
Studio: Delta Leisure Group 
Release Year: 2009 
Classification: Exempt
Classic Buses & Coaches

Never has such an everyday means of transport been more popular than the humble bus. Single deckers, open tops, single cabs, double deckers, london transport and luxury coaches can all evoke a special memory of a journey to somewhere in the past.

Visiting bus and coach rallies up and down the country, we relive those memories of days gone by looking at the world of the bus and coach enthusiasts. There is something for everybody at a bus rally including model, ticket and photo collecting.

We discover what makes someone want to own one of these vehicles as vehicle owners were interviewed to discover what is the attraction of owning and running a classic bus.

So hop on, and tickets please for Classic Buses and Coaches on show.

Includes: Leyland Titan, Bedford OB, AEC Regent, Leyland PS Tiger, Bristol RESL, Guy Special.

Travel back in time with this nostalgic look at the golden era of buses & coaches

Chapter Points

Opening Titles

Volvo Ailsa

PD2 Titan

Bristol RESL

Bedford OB

Guy Special

Leyland Torpedo

Leyland PS Tiger



AEC Regent

Daimler 154

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