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Move Electric: New Channel Dedicated to E-Mobility Launched by Autocar and What Car?

Move Electric - New Channel Dedicated To E-Mobility Launched By Autocar And What Car

Move Electric – a new channel created and hosted on Autocar and What Car? – launches today (1st July 2021) with the goal of satisfying surging interest in electro-mobility and electric lifestyles.

The channel makes its debut on Autocar with an in-depth test of one of the growing number of e-scooter trials in the country, investigating its accessibility, ease of use and what it’s really like to take to London’s roads with a top speed of 12.5mph.

E-scooters: the future of urban transport, or a danger to ourselves and others?

Move Electric will  build on Autocar and What Car? in the coming weeks to feature news, reviews and features on everything from electric cars to e-motorbikes, e-scooters, e-bicycles and more, as well as investigating energy generation and the required infrastructure. Leading personalities in e-mobility will also feature prominently.

The world is changing rapidly, and with it the variety and methods of transport – and from our polling of our audiences it’s clear that a significant proportion want to know more about the opportunities offered by electrification,” said Rachael Prasher, managing director of Autocar and What Car?These are exciting times, and Move Electric reflects our determination to be at the forefront of the revolution as it unfolds.

By launching on Autocar and What Car? and applying their long-associated editorial values to this new content, we are able to build up our mix of news, reviews, features and video in front of knowledgeable and engaged audiences, while also drawing in new generations of readers. It is going to be fascinating getting their feedback and tailoring our content to reflect what really matters to them as this new era unfolds.

New content will be added to Move Electric weekly initially, giving audiences the opportunity to feed back and highlight subject areas they would like covered. While the bulk of editorial will be undertaken in-house and with established freelancers, writers, presenters and PRs with story ideas are also urged to contact editorial director Jim Holder on [email protected] with a brief outline of their proposal.

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