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Motoring Classics Summer 2014

Our cover story concerns the contentious subject of women in motorsport and whether they will ever compete wheel to wheel with the top men in F1. Sir Stirling Moss certainly doesn’t believe so, but history suggests ‘the greatest driver never to win the world championship’ could just be wrong on this occasion.

Motoring Classics Summer 2014
Motoring Classics Summer 2014

Bertha Benz, the wife of automotive pioneer Karl Benz, is generally credited with being the first woman to drive a motor vehicle solo.

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Women In Motorsport

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Motoring Classics Summer 2014

Regular readers will hopefully twig that we’ve given their favourite free-of-charge magazine a bit of a makeover, courtesy of new designers and a fresh printer. We’ve also appointed a different company to handle the app version – Magazine Cloner will give us more options and ensure the publication is available across a wider range of platforms. We hope you approve.

Our cover story concerns the contentious subject of women in motorsport and whether they will ever compete wheel to wheel with the top men in F1. Sir Stirling Moss certainly doesn’t believe so, but history suggests ‘the greatest driver never to win the world championship’ could just be wrong on this occasion.

Few things give classic car enthusiasts more pleasure than photographing their pride and joy for posterity, so we have persuaded former staff photographer of both Motor and Thoroughbred & Classic Cars magazines, Paul Skilleter, to provide us with some professional hints and tips – see pages 8/9 for the result.

This edition’s Classic Character is the multi-talented Chris Lawrence, who not only provided Morgan with their finest hour at Le Mans and played a key role in the evolution of the Aero 8, but created his own marque (Deep Sanderson), and the luxury Monica executive saloon for a French industrialist, and… well, you could fill a book, and he did – it’s called ‘Morgan Maverick’.

Our Missing Moniker is actually in the process of reappearing in celebration of its 60th Anniversary, so read how you can once again order a brand new Lister-Jaguar to 1958 specification, constructed to perfection by the original manufacturer. This quarter’s Dealer Spotlight details the evolution of online Triumph parts specialist Canley Classics and it’s hard to imagine a supplier being more into his chosen marque.


Gordon Bruce, Editor

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Dealer Spotlight: Canley Classics

It was almost inevitable that, sooner or later, David Pearson would build an industry career around the Triumph marque. He was born in Nuneaton, a short drive from the Coventry factory where his father and other family members were employed. David was about to join the fray himself when rumours of Triumph’s impending demise began to circulate and led to him joining the RAF instead.

Women In Motorsport

Sir Stirling Moss recently said ‘Women do not have the mental skills to race competitively in Grands Prix’, while F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone remarked of Williams’ development driver Susie Wolff , ‘If she’s as quick in a car as she looks out of one, she’ll be a huge asset’. Unacceptably sexist comments yes, but are they right to be scathing? Could a woman compete on level terms at the pinnacle of the sport? We might be about to see…

Pick a Product

BMH’s MD John Yea gives the lowdown on four very different items from the BMH/Motoring Classics ranges.

Cars In Camera

Almost all classic vehicle owners like photographing their pride and joy. Such images can be shared and enjoyed, form a record of the car (or motorcycle etc) after it’s gone to a new owner, and serve as a reminder of places visited and events experienced. Here former Motor and Thoroughbred & Classic Cars staff photographer Paul Skilleter provides a few hints and tips on how to produce professional-looking results.

(No Longer) Missing Moniker: Lister

It was the experience of a 1952 sprint meeting at Bottisham, Cambridge that persuaded Brian Lister to enter racing car construction. He was competing in a JAPengined Tojeiro and was amazed to find his times virtually equalled by young Archie Scott Brown in a standard MG TD. Not only was the car theoretically uncompetitive, but its driver was severely handicapped. At birth, Brown’s left arm had been normal, but his right one ended in a stub at the wrist and his shortened legs were twisted and lacked shinbones.

Classic Character: Christopher J Lawrence (1933-2011)

‘Morgan Maverick’, the title of Chris Lawrence’s illuminating auto-biography, provides a couple of clues to the life of one of motorsport’s most talented characters. Though he claimed only his mother was pleased by his debut on earth, it was his motorcycling father who introduced him to motorsport and provided his first mode of transport – a 1928 350cc AJS – on which he travelled between home, Pangbourne College  and Goring & Streatley Golf Club.

Motoring Classics in Motorsport

British Motor Heritage MD John Yea reports from the cockpit.

Custom Cool

Got the likes of a rusting Honda CB750 or Kawasaki Z1000 clogging up your shed, or feel like aping Steve McQueen but can’t find a suitable pair of wheels? Then Spirit of the Seventies could be right up your street.

About British Motor Heritage
British Motor Heritage

British Motor Heritage Limited was established in 1975 to support owners and the marketplace by putting genuine components for classic British cars back into manufacture, using original tools wherever possible. Since 2001, when the company was acquired from BMW, it has been successfully run as an independently owned company.

British Motor Heritage is the largest organisation of its type in the world. With access to unparalleled knowledge, authentic production information and original drawings and patterns, the company manufactures previously unobtainable body parts for British classic cars.

It occupies a unique position since it assembles 32 derivatives of body shells and has built total production volume of over 7,000 for the MGB, MGR V8, MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite, Triumph TR6, Original Mini and Mini Clubman using original press tools and assembly jigs.


Tex Automotive

Tex Motor Accessories have been manufactured in England for over fifty years, and many of our products are still produced in our factory in Witney on the original tooling.

Since their first appearance on British cars in 1947, Tex products evolved over the years to keep in step with changing car designs. The current range includes wipers and mirrors that were original equipment on a huge range of Austin, Ford, Morris, MG, Triumph, Vauxhall, etc. from 1974 to 1983.

Tex are also major distributors of the Renovo car care product range (specialising in hood refurbishment) and Samco Silicone hose Kits.


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