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Mercedes-Benz and Alicia Keys empower women to go their own way

The “Keys to Success” campaign on the Mercedes-Benz social media channels is starting today. Mercedes-Benz and Alicia Keys want to inspire women to empower each other, learn from each other and grow together – to make positive changes in social interaction beyond the music industry. As voices heard around the world, Alicia Keys and Mercedes-Benz together encourage women to follow their personal path confidently, above and beyond the music industry. The “Keys to Success” campaign shows how the renowned artist and global partner of the brand mentors women in the music industry worldwide through the organization she co-founded, “She Is The Music”.

With the “She’s Mercedes” initiative, the brand itself has been in active dialogue with women globally since 2015 and facilitates an open and creative exchange relating to visionary future topics, courage and self‑confidence. The current campaign reflects the belief held by Mercedes-Benz that diversity is a driver for creativity and innovation.

The campaign was produced during a songwriting camp hosted by the “She Is The Music” organization by Alicia Keys at the legendary Jungle City Studios in New York City. The artists individually reinterpreted songs from the current album of their mentor Keys. The resulting tracks will be published on Mercedes-Benz social media channels as part of the “Keys to Success” campaign, helping participants gain attention and exposure in the music industry.

Mercedes-Benz stands for diversity, respect and equal opportunity. We are convinced that sustainable success can only be achieved with diverse teams, so that everyone can benefit from their respective strengths and experiences. We use our social media reach to communicate our values authentically and thus draw attention to our values. Currently with the “Keys to Success” campaign with Alicia Keys, we have an internationally recognized and committed artist at our side, who initiates change together with us and promotes young artists. This is how we manage to operate beyond the music and automotive industries to represent our internal values,” says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Communications & Marketing Mercedes-Benz AG.

The “She’s Mercedes” Initiative

Launched in 2015 to coincide with the International Motor Show (IAA), the initiative follows the basic idea of networking, exchange and dialogue in over 70 countries. “She’s Mercedes” offers women the opportunity to expand their own networks, inspire and empower each other at exclusive experiences and events. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz brings the community closer to its own brand world and gets to know its mobility needs and wishes better. More information can be found here.

About “She Is The Music”

“She Is The Music” (SITM) is a global nonprofit working to increase the number of women in music and transform the gender landscape of the industry. Operating as a unifying network for the music business and beyond, SITM provides resources and support for female-focused initiatives – both through its own programs, as well as external efforts worldwide. A first-of-its-kind collaboration, SITM is powered by industrywide representation: creators, publishers, record labels, talent agencies, management companies, industry groups, think tanks, media companies, streaming services, and more. Entertainment Industry Foundation serves as a partner. For more information, visit

Promotion of women at Mercedes-Benz

The advancement of women is an important area of action for Mercedes-Benz. The aim is clear: Mercedes‑Benz wants more qualified women in senior management positions and is aiming for a share of 30 percent in 2030 as the next step. The proportion is currently 22.5 percent. The proportion of women on the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG is 37.5 percent: Three of the eight board members are women.

The company relies on a holistic approach to the promotion of women – starting with recruiting, continuing with development and qualification, and ending with attractive working time models. We are also increasing interest in MINT subjects: Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology, as the proportion of women in technical degree programs and professions is still below average. For example, Mercedes-Benz has some own training initiatives and numerous job information days on which young women and girls gain an insight into professions requiring technical training.

The Diversity & Inclusion Management at Mercedes-Benz fundamentally relates to equal opportunities for all employees. The aim is to attract and develop the best qualified specialists and managers for the company – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and worldview, sexual orientation, and social origin.

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