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The Driven Chat radio show finds a new home on talkSPORT 2

The only UK-broadcast radio show dedicated to automotive and motorsport, Driven Chat is moving from talkRADIO to talkSPORT 2 on the week it celebrates its 100th episode.

Currently hosted by Andy Jaye and John Marcar, Driven Chat moves from its current Sunday evening slot to broadcast every Friday morning at 09:00 with repeats scheduled throughout the following week on the network. The new position on talkSPORT 2 will also welcome an esteemed addition to the presenter line-up, Rachael Downie.

To listen to the latest show, listeners can take advantage of the ‘listen again’ feature on the ‘Schedules’ tab within the talkSPORT mobile app. The show is also replayed on the network multiple times over the following few days.

The Driven Chat radio show obtains the enviable 09:00 broadcast slot every Friday morning on talkSPORT 2. Having just aired its 100th episode, the Driven Chat podcast has grown in popularity as the charismatic hosts continue to produce personable, engaging, and friendly conversations about that week’s events in the automotive and motorsport industries. The automotive and racing oriented radio show is produced by talkSPORT’s own, Johnny Seifert.

Presenter and Brand Founder, Andy Jaye said: “Driven Chat, so far, has been broadcast on talkRADIO since May 2021 and we’ve had such a variety of high-profile guests to fill the airwaves. Our new live broadcasting time of Nine-AM on Friday mornings will be brilliant to guide our listeners into the weekend, and what better topic than cars and racing? With 100 shows under our belt, we’re excited to bring the latest news, events and goings-on in the automotive world for the next 100 on talkSPORT 2.”

The diverse expertise in the automotive, motorsport and creative spheres of the Driven Chat crew, make for levelled and fun interactions between the three of them. Its variety of characters means that all subjects and angles are covered, and listeners obtain jovial ‘easy listening’ about a topic they love. The Driven Chat radio show will now broadcast live to listeners at 09:00 every Friday on talkSPORT 2, coming away from their previous Sunday at 19:00 slot on talkRADIO.

The Driven Chat Podcast continues to broadcast as normal with a new episode each week hosted by John Marcar and Amy Shore with Andy Jaye and Rachael Downie joining for selected episodes in the future.

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