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FIVA announces the winners of its international creative competition

The 2021 winners of FIVA’s annual creative competition have been announced, after a vibrant response from historic vehicle enthusiasts around the world, from India to Portugal to Australia.

Held in conjunction with the annual United Nations International Youth Day, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) asked entrants to share a photograph or a sketch/painting/illustration of how they ‘Restored the Passion’ this year with their historic vehicle.

Our aim was to set a challenge that would bring a little spark of joy into the gloom of the pandemic, focusing on young and young-at-heart enthusiasts,” explained Nataša G. Jerina, vice-president of FIVA. “We at FIVA believe that if there’s one positive message to take away from the pandemic, it’s the value of the precious gift of quality time – time spent getting back to the garage, getting our hands dirty, sharing laughter and making memories.

While we had entries from all over the world, we’d like to give a special mention to the country with the strongest participation, displaying their passion with an array of numerous works of art. Perhaps unexpectedly, this country was – Ukraine!”

Andriy Duleba
Karina Zalievska

The winners from the Sketch/Painting/Illustration category are:

  1. Andriy Duleba, Ukraine (47 years old) 
  2. Karina Zalievska, Ukraine (16 years old)
  3. Viktoria Ostrovska, Ukraine (9 years old) 

A special prize goes to Peter Vasiliadis from Australia.

The winner from the Photography category is Jehangir Foroogh from India (over 18), and special recognition for excellent work goes to Viktor Khodeev from Ukraine and Francisco Nogueira from Portugal. 

The winners will be presented with gifts, thanks to the support of our global partners Pirelli, Motul and Glasurit, to whom FIVA is most grateful.

The president of the Ukrainian Automobile Club (UAC), Anatoliy Shumskiyis, commented, “We are sincerely grateful for such a high assessment of our candidates by FIVA. Next year we will send even more artworks for the competition and strongly advise the same to our colleagues all over the world.”

Concludes Jerina, “Although FIVA runs this competition just once a year, we are always eager to hear from young enthusiasts all year round.”

If you have a story, a drawing or a photograph to share, please send it to Nataša G. Jerina at [email protected]

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