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Citroën UK reveals ‘powerful’ new sponsorship idents in partnership with UKTV’s Dave

Citroën UK has revealed a series of all-new video ident clips for use during advertising breaks on UKTV’s Dave. The idents are being broadcast now, just as the brand enters the second year of its successful partnership with the channel. The idents are in true Dave comedic, down to earth style, and showcase Citroën’s latest electrified models.

The second year of the sponsorship agreement sees Citroën feature some of its most important electrified models in a series of new idents that range from five to 15 seconds at the opening and closing of each advertising break.  In the new idents, we see a range of everyday electrical items being used in true Dave style to reflect Citroën’s new ‘Power to the People’ philosophy, showcasing the brand’s range of nine electrified vehicles.

On air for the past twelve months, the initial idents featured the full-electric Citroën ë-C4 to promote the launch of the model last February. Showcasing more of the latest models in the Citroën range, the ident videos for this year also feature New C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid and New C5 X Plug-in Hybrid, and the 100%-electric ë-Berlingo Van.

The new idents coincide with the introduction of Citroën’s new brand philosophy in the UK – Power to the People – which reaffirms the commitment to make electrification ‘accessible to all’. The messaging underlines the key point that Citroën offers ‘every kind of electric for all kinds of people’ thanks to an existing range of nine affordable electric and plug-in hybrid models. In  addition, Citroën is one of only a very small number of brands in the UK with a complete line-up of all-electric Light Commercial Vehicles.

As part of the brand’s electrification strategy, Citroën will provide an electrified variant of every vehicle in its entire vehicle range by 2025.

Eurig Druce, Citroën’s UK Managing Director, said: “Moving into the second year of our partnership with Dave, we felt now was the perfect time to refresh our idents to reflect our new Power to the People messaging and to showcase our ever-growing range of electrified models. Citroën UK and Dave have proved to be a great fit and our partnership has been highly successful so far, so we’re excited to continue for another year and to introduce viewers to the latest Citroën models like New C5 Aircross and New C5 X Plug-in Hybrid.” 

The idents will be shown throughout the primetime schedule on Dave Channel, with an estimated 21 million viewers tuning into Dave over the course of a year. The partnership also includes visible sponsorship across UKTV Play, UKTV’s on-demand video service.

Watch all four idents here:
•	ë-C4 – Popcorn: 
•	New C5 X – Hairdryer: 
•	New C5 Aircross – Blender:
•	ë-Berlingo Van – Kettle: 

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