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Announcing the Garagistas Card Game

Announcing The Garagistas Card Game

Many will be familiar with the automotive trading card game first published in the seventies. Now, REVS has teamed up with auction house Bonhams MPH and automotive publishers to produce their own version of what is hoped to be a series of their Garagista’s Card Game. Rather than just a random selection of vehicles, members of the REVS Limiter Community were invited to submit their own cars as possible candidates for inclusion in the pack.

By inviting the Revs Limiter community to submit their own cars to be featured on one of the cards in the pack, we involve our community directly. The REVS Limiter community really is about the many people who have joined us, as well as their cars, so we thought this was a great way for them to feel a part of this, to immortalise their cars in the game,” says founder, Reverend Adam Gompertz.

REVS Garagistas Card Game

The idea came about partly through one of the REVTALK evening chat sessions where a group of automotive journalists were asked what their ideal top trump hand might include. Some of their choices feature, as does the Beast of Turin, the fun card in the pack. Key to the idea too was Narrative Books’ invaluable experience in producing bespoke projects for automotive related clients. To be able to join forces, and with Bonhams MPH who auction all manner of interesting cars, meant that the idea could become an enjoyable and fun reality. 

We created it to help unite the Revs Limiter automotive community together through cars and playing a game many of us love. It will also make a great small gift to give others.’ says the Rev.

Richard Webb of Narrative Media also points out the value to younger players of the game: “The cards help learning, as reading about the facts on the cards enhances memory and maths skills by the comparing of the data. We also hope to capture their imaginations for the shared passion for classic and interesting cars, just as many of us were captivated by the cards when we were young. The inclusion of the cultural impact category may also prompt a few to explore the world of car history

The card game is available to people attending the Bicester heritage Scramble event this coming weekend (5th – 6th June 2021) for a cost of £5.00 and shortly after for £6.00 (including P+P) by contacting Richard Webb at [email protected] or 07432 847155.

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