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Volkswagen ID.3’s ‘pollution-eating mural’ campaign triumphs at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021

100 square metres of paint used is the equivalent to planting 100 square metres of mature woodland

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021, the campaign was entered into the Print / OOH (Out Of Home) and Automotive categories, winning a Gold Lion in the former, and a Bronze Lion in the latter.

The outdoor murals, which advertise the ID.3 by showcasing its green credentials, are painted using ‘Airlite’ paint, which filters the air around it, removing traffic-borne pollutants from the local atmosphere and improving the air quality of the area. The murals were applied to the sides of buildings in major cities around the UK – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

Such is the effect of the Airlite paint, that every 100 square metres of paint used is the equivalent to planting 100 square metres of mature woodland, which could offset the annual emissions of 18 cars. When the campaign concluded, the murals were painted over with white Airlite paint, allowing the pollution-eating benefits to continue.

100 square metres of paint used is the equivalent to planting 100 square metres of mature woodland

The ID.3 itself is delivered to customers as a carbon-neutral product according to the independent body TÜV NORD CERT, which examines the entire supply chain, manufacturing process and all logistics. The model is manufactured carbon-neutrally in Zwickau, Germany, where the plant is powered by renewable energy, and the brand has worked closely with suppliers, in particular the battery-cell manufacturers, to ensure that they too use renewable energy.

Unavoidable emissions are compensated through internationally recognised climate protection projects. In fact, the ID.3 is the world’s first fully electric vehicle to be produced with this carbon balance. Volkswagen encourages ID.3 owners to continue to use green energy for charging so that the vehicle remains carbon-neutral.

The model as a whole has been praised heavily by the media, winning numerous awards from industry experts over the last 18 months. These range from gongs celebrating the stir that the model produced online with the readerships of certain publications, to awards which recognise its talents among electric competitors, to awards which recognise the model’s talents against all competitors, regardless of whether they are electric or internal combustion-powered.

The ID.3 has even been unofficially named ‘the electric people’s car’ by critics across the media – a fitting nickname for a car praised universally for its breadth of appeal, and accessibility in a segment traditionally associated with high purchase prices.

Glyn Butterworth, National Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “These awards are among the most prestigious that you can win in Marketing, and reflect the hard work, innovation and passion that went into realising this campaign. We’re very grateful for this recognition, and so proud of the team behind making this happen.

These extraordinary accolades reflect an extraordinary campaign, which in turn celebrates an extraordinary car – itself an award winner many times over, just a year into its life.

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