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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Claire Thomson reveal the ultimate guide to campervan cooking

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Claire Thomson reveal the ultimate guide to campervan cooking

Chef Claire Thomson, author of six books and food columnist has launched a new cookbook, Camper Van Cooking, which includes advice, tips and tricks for planning delicious and exciting recipes when on the road.

Aiming to dispel the myth that cooking in a campervan means eating out of cans and packets, Claire Thomson has written a new cookbook, Camper Van Cooking, to provide the ultimate guide to gourmet cuisine within the confines of a campsite and with two gas rings.

Recipes range from frying pan toad-in-the-hole to chicken satay with prawn crackers and cucumber. The ultimate guide to campervan cuisine also includes tips and tricks on how to store your travelling cupboard and toolkit.

Staycations have continued to soar with travel uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning many families have opted to explore the British countryside and stay close to home over the upcoming Bank Holiday. The Volkswagen California provides the ideal companion to explore some of the UK’s hidden gems, with an elevating roof, fully-fitted kitchen including two gas hobs, fridge and running tap, and space to comfortably sleep four.

Claire Thomson, chef, commented: “It has been a total pleasure writing this campervan cookbook, not least because my family and I had the pleasure of ‘road testing’ the recipes in a Volkswagen California 6.1 last September in Dorset, and again in May of this year in Hereford. I’m a chef and food writer and wanted to show that what you cook on the road can be just as enticing and exciting as the food you cook in your kitchen at home. In a year when so many of our travel plans have been up in the air and more last minute than usual, hitting the road in search of adventure with friends and family has never been a more viable and enjoyable way to holiday.

Kate Thompson, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, commented: “We were delighted to loan Claire and her family a Volkswagen California earlier this summer as they ventured on a food safari of Herefordshire. The Volkswagen California offers two gas hobs, a fridge and running tap all as standard so with the help of Camper Van Cooking, customers can rustle up adventurous and delicious meals with ease this Bank Holiday weekend.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle now has a complete family of California models, with the compact Caddy California due to go on sale early next year, the California – available in Ocean, Coast, and Beach specification – and the flagship Grand California. All three vehicles deliver a luxurious interior featuring cutting edge infotainment, spacious accommodation, and high-quality cooking facilities as well as reliable performance.

To help first-timers, or those who may be a little rusty prepare for their camping getaway, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Claire Thomson provide some top tips to enjoy the perfect holiday on the road.

Top Tips
  1. Take your first night meal ready made from home and frozen. It will defrost en route, boosting the refrigeration of your other ingredients. All you need to do then is heat it up when you arrive.
  2. Have a good store cupboard of products to supplement local fresh produce. Store bought flatbreads or pita to revive on the grill are a good example.
  3. Plant-based milks are a good call when camping as they don’t need to be kept cold until opened. Oat milk on breakfast cereal or granola makes for a speedy campsite breakfast.
  4. Organise a cooking area when camping: a table is extremely useful – standard along with two chairs in the California – in the shade is even better, helping to keep ingredients as cool as can be.
  5. Don’t be too overwrought or exacting when cooking while camping. You’re rarely in the mood to measure or weigh anything, so choose recipes that allow for a bit of flexibility.

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