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Stefan Marjoram distinguishes Healey by Caton design enhancements in new visual artist animation

Leading visual animator and artist Stefan Marjoram has recreated the Healey by Caton, an ultra-exclusive reincarnation of the iconic Austin-Healey 100/4 sports car, in brand-new digital art. Launched today in an animation film, Stefan showcases the key design differences between the Austin-Healey 100/4 and the all-new Healey by Caton.

Bridging technical visual software with traditional drawing skills, much like Healey by Caton’s ethos of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern-day manufacturing and design technologies, Stefan Marjoram has created an animation showcasing the visual changes of the Healey by Caton. It’s available to view on YouTube

Healey by Caton design changes visualised by Stefan Marjoram

Stefan has depicted the design of Healey by Caton, penned by leading automotive designer Darryl Scriven, famed for his work in British automotive OEM McLaren and its Special Operations department. The design includes de-seaming the bodywork and adding volume to the rear haunches; in turn, providing the car with a more authoritative stance and utilising modern manufacturing methods to create a more streamlined look.

To this end, external hinges have become internal, and the removal of the bumpers and extension of the swooping front valance all add up to provide Healey by Caton with uncompromising road presence and a distinct yet simplified aesthetic, too.

Darryl Scriven commented: “Donald Healey got so much right when he designed the car originally. We wanted to pay homage to the original while making it more comfortable to live with, fun to drive and even more dynamic and beautiful to look at.

“I haven’t worked with any other company or coachbuilders that can create a car like this, from scratch. A key example is the volume on the bonnet. We subtly re-sculpted, by hand on an English Wheel, to create a smoother line that flows down the front of the car, to replace the flatter bonnet of the original, foundation car.”

Discussing Stefan Marjoram’s artwork, Tim Strafford, CEO of Caton’s strategic vehicle building partner, Envisage Group, said: “Can cars be art? We think so. This new graphic highlights the changes over and above the original Healey 100/4, which is now a 70-year-old design. Caton exists to reinvigorate and reformat existing iconic designs yet staying true to the original. The new video, by Stefan [Marjoram] shows a highlights reel of the finished design and changes we’ve made as a team, which was headed-up by Darryl Scriven.”

Launched globally last month, Caton and its first product, Healey by Caton, offers a bespoke, one-to-one service that no other OEM or custom car manufacturer can provide. Limited to just 25 builds, customers of Healey by Caton become the design consultants of their own automotive icon, with the unique ability to indulge their passion for British precision engineering and luxury OEM quality craftsmanship within the Signature Studios at Caton’s Coventry-based HQ.

Although Healey by Caton is its first offering, Caton will not just reincarnate cars. Caton’s ambition is to apply its cutting-edge technology and design expertise to other British icons including, but not limited to, furniture, timepieces and other luxury lifestyle articles.

Customers are urged to sign up to Caton’s mailing list via, where a range of events will be announced, and news will be distributed. Caton’s team plans to attend many events – from smaller breakfast clubs to larger, public events in 2022 and beyond, starting in the UK and travelling further afield to global stages from 2023.

•   Healey by Caton has been depicted by three artists since its launch in April 
•   The latest impression by leading visual artist Stefan Marjoram launched today
•   Video animation showcases differences between the foundation Austin-Healey 100/4, on which it is based, and the Healey by Caton’s external design updates
•   Jayson Fong and Helen Stanley have also drawn the Healey by Caton, both live at Salon Privé London, where the Healey by Caton made its global public debut

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