Secrets of Speed

Publication Information
ISBN: 9781845842970 
RRP: £19.99 
Format: Paperback, 128 pages, 250mm x 207mm, 2010
Photos/Illustrations: 140 mainly colour pictures and 60 drawings 
Subject: Cars 
Publisher: Veloce Publishing 
Author: Nick Swager
Secrets of Speed – Today’s Techniques for 4-stroke Engine Blueprinting & Tuning by Nick Swager

The process of building 4-stroke engines to a professional standard, from selecting materials and planning work, right through to methods of final assembly and testing, written for the DIY engine builder in an easy-to-understand style, and supported by approximately 200 photographs and original drawings.

Containing five engine inspection and build sheets, and the contact details of approximately 45 specialist manufacturers and motorsport suppliers, the book explains build methods common to all 4-stroke engines, rather than specific makes or models.

An essential purchase for all engine-building enthusiasts.

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