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Polestar wins Wallpaper Magazine Design Award for its immersive retail experience

Polestar (Nasdaq: PSNY), the Swedish electric performance car brand, has been awarded ‘Most Immersive Brand Home’ in the Wallpaper Smart Space Awards 2022, run by Wallpaper, the global authority on design, technology, transport, and interiors.

The awards, judged by a panel of the magazine’s editors, were devised in 2021 to celebrate the objects, accessories, services and tools that combine beauty, design, innovation and style to make the very most of our digital lifestyles and make the places we inhabit noticeably smarter.

The award for ‘Most Immersive Brand Home’ won by Polestar for its ‘Polestar Spaces’ – its retail environments, focuses on inspiration and celebrates spaces, installations, experiences that get straight to the heart of the brand.

Each Polestar Space is specifically designed to supplement the brand’s digital-first retail model. The minimalistic, monochrome interiors in each Space elevate deliberately chosen materials, while promoting a calm and thoughtful atmosphere so customers can get to know the Polestar cars and the brand.

Pär Heyden, Head of Brand at Polestar: “Polestar Spaces are carefully curated retail environments. The design reflects Polestar’s minimalist brand philosophy presenting the cars as pieces of art, with detailing that gives visitors new things to experience on every visit.”

Specialists, rather than salespeople, staff Polestar spaces meaning that there’s space for customers to explore at their own pace, and expert assistance if required to help with questions without pressure of a sale.

Each Polestar Space will become part of a network and foster a community, hosting talks and exhibitions, from design and architecture to technology, sustainability and electric mobility.

It was announced this week that Polestar London Battersea Power Station, the UK’s largest Space, will open on 14th October.

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