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Motoring Classics Winter 2016

This issue’s cover story recalls the epic speed record campaign conducted by Donald Healey and his team on the Bonneville salt flats in 1953, 1954 and 1956, and the role of unassuming former WWII RAF pilot Roy Jackson-Moore, now 91 years young, who retains fond memories of this golden period in the history of the Austin-Healey marque.

Motoring Classics Winter 2016

The Healeys’ final sojourn to Bonneville again had two major aims – i.e. to publicise their new 100/6 and to finally break the elusive 200mph barrier.

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It’s a Matter of Record

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Motoring Classics Winter 2016

This issue’s cover story recalls the epic speed record campaign conducted by Donald Healey and his team on the Bonneville salt flats in 1953, 1954 and 1956, and the role of unassuming former WWII RAF pilot Roy Jackson-Moore, now 91 years young, who retains fond memories of this golden period in the history of the Austin-Healey marque.

We also celebrate two truly brilliant British inventions:

  1. It is 75 years since Sir Frank Whittle’s jet engine first took to the skies. His genius shrank our planet and, had officialdom given him half the support he deserved, it would probably also have shortened WWII and saved countless lives. For whatever reason, his inestimable contribution to aviation is still yet to be fully recognised – we make a tiny contribution to changing the tide.
  2. What Whittle was to flying, Harry Ferguson was to farming, and it’s 70 years since his innovative three-point linkage and hydraulic depth control were combined in the immortal ‘Little Grey Fergie’ tractor and revolutionised the world of agriculture.

Our Classic Character this time is Glen Kidston. A man of many talents, he is arguably best-known as one of the ‘Bentley Boys’ whose most memorable achievement with the marque was winning the 1930 Le Mans race with Woolf Barnato. He was also a recordbreaking aviator and WWII submarine commander who repeatedly cheated death on land, in the sky, and on and under water for 32 years, until lady luck finally deserted him over mountains in South Africa. Surely few lives of any length have been more action-packed?

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Add MD John Yea’s final report on BMH’s 2016 motorsport season, plus news of a new five-speed gearbox conversion for the MGB, and there is hopefully something for everybody to enjoy.

A very happy Christmas to all our readers!

Gordon Bruce, Editor

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Dealer Spotlight: PlayMini

The Japanese love traditional British products and the classic Mini comes high up their wish list, as Nick Paddy established to his advantage back in the early ‘90s.

It’s A Matter Of Record

And not just one either, but the hundreds broken by Austin-Healeys at Bonneville in 1953, 1954 and 1956 – Motoring Classics recalls this golden period of the marque with the help of Roy Jackson-Moore, now 91 years young, who was involved throughout.

Motoring Classic in Motorsport

British Motor Heritage MD John Yea’s final report on the 2016 season.

News From BMH

Managing Director John Yea reveals all about driving an MGB with Vitesse Mazda Transmission.

Classic Character: Lt. Commander George Pearson Glen Kidston (1899-1931)

Motorcar, motorcycle and powerboat racer; pioneer aviator; submariner; boxer; fly fisherman; skier; big game shot – Kidston’s action-packed 32 years on earth reads like a Boy’s Own Annual. His feline ability to survive near-death experiences was legendary, but lady luck finally deserted him while flying over the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa, in a de Havilland Puss Moth, May 5, 1931.

Whittle’s Turbojet: The Invention That Shrank The World

It could have saved countless lives by dramatically shortening WWII, had it not been for ongoing military and government intransigence and incompetence. Even now, 75 years after Britain’s first jet-powered aircraft took to the skies, Sir Frank Whittle’s extraordinary contribution to planet earth has yet to be fully recognised.

‘Little Grey Fergie’ Is 70 Years Old: Happy Birthday! To The Tractor That Revolutionised Farming

It is hard to think of any other vehicles that’ve been honoured with TV series, feature films, music albums, a live show and more than 15 books, oh, and completely changed the world they were born into. However, those are the accolades attributed to the ‘Little Grey Fergie’, or Ferguson TE20 tractor to give it its correct name.

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British Motor Heritage is the largest organisation of its type in the world. With access to unparalleled knowledge, authentic production information and original drawings and patterns, the company manufactures previously unobtainable body parts for British classic cars.

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Tex are also major distributors of the Renovo car care product range (specialising in hood refurbishment) and Samco Silicone hose Kits.


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