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Motoring Classics Spring 2013

The move to E10 petrol has sent ripples of fear running through the classic car fraternity. We quizzed BP’s Global Fuels Technology department on this and other related matters and obtained some unexpected answers – see ‘Fuel For Thought’.

Motoring Classics Spring 2013
Motoring Classics Spring 2013

The now globally famous livery of powder blue and orange were, in fact, the colours of the Wiltshire Oil Company.

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Motoring Classics Spring 2013

The move to E10 petrol has sent ripples of fear running through the classic car fraternity. We quizzed BP’s Global Fuels Technology department on this and other related matters and obtained some unexpected answers – see ‘Fuel For Thought’.

Our Missing Moniker this time is Wales’s only ever production car manufacturer – Gilbern. Read how a village butcher and former POW joined forces to leave the dragon’s mark on motoring history. This issue’s Classic Character is 87-years young Don Hayter. Though renowned for creating the timeless lines of the MGB, his early days at the Pressed Steel Company found him drawing all manner of hardware from bombs to miniature submarines and aeroplanes to trains. His recall is extraordinary and the joy he clearly obtained from his career would ignite the passion of any of today’s automotive apprentices.

The newly-formed ROFGO Collection comprising 25 of the most famous Gulf-liveried racers and one of the team’s original transporters is without question the best of its type ever assembled, and an absolute feast for enthusiasts’ eyes – if our feature doesn’t leave you drooling, you’re simply not a true car guy or gal!

One of the bright spots within the gloomy global economy has been the classic car market and we wondered if classic motorcycles were also catching the eye of the investors. As the architect of some of the world’s best evocations (Matchless G50, AJS 7R, Benelli 4 and, his piece de resistance, the Honda 6), George Beale is as good a barometer as anybody and supplied our answers.

Need a replacement part for a Triumph, MG-Rover, Rover SD1, Land Rover, Range Rover or Jaguar? Then our article on BMH dealer Rimmer Bros. should be of interest too.

Happy reading!

Gordon Bruce, Editor

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Dealer Spotlight: Rimmer Bros.

From little acorns… 31 years old in March, Rimmer Bros. is still being run by its founders and nowadays supplies literally millions of parts for classic British cars, shipping them to every corner of the globe as required.

The ROFGO Collection

Any colour, as long as it’s blue & orange! – The story of Gulf in motorsport is like no other, and dates from the 1930s and such fearsome American machines as Ab Jenkins’ Mormon Meteor record-breakers and the Gulf-Miller Indianapolis contenders. However, the period more familiar to most enthusiasts was born out of a 24-Hour Ford test at Sebring in January 1966, to which a number of potential customers were invited.

New Products From BMH

Mini Owners In The Frame.

Motoring Classics in Motorsport

British Motor Heritage MD John Yea looks ahead to the coming season.

Fuel For Thought

The increasing percentage of ethanol in 95 octane petrol has raised concerns among the classic car fraternity. We sought the views of BP on this and other fuel-related issues.

Missing Moniker: Gilbern

Some 250 automotive companies are based in Wales, employing 20,000 people. And while these firms include such manufacturing giants as Toyota and Ford, none produces complete road cars.

Classic Character: Don Hayter (1926-2020)

The 50th anniversary of the MGB brought the name of Don Hayter to the attention of a new generation of car enthusiasts. However, this modest man put his stamp on a good few other projects too.

Two Wheels Good

Last Autumn H&H Classics raised the world record for a motorcycle sold at auction to almost £300,000. Is the classic bike market echoing the car one and, if so, what’s hot and what’s not? We asked internationally renowned classic motorcycle guru George Beale.

BMH and Motoring Classics: The Story

What’s in a name? – Reading this means you are familiar with the name Motoring Classics and perhaps British Motor Heritage too, but do you fully understand their origins, what they do and how they relate? Here’s the story.

About British Motor Heritage
British Motor Heritage

British Motor Heritage Limited was established in 1975 to support owners and the marketplace by putting genuine components for classic British cars back into manufacture, using original tools wherever possible. Since 2001, when the company was acquired from BMW, it has been successfully run as an independently owned company.

British Motor Heritage is the largest organisation of its type in the world. With access to unparalleled knowledge, authentic production information and original drawings and patterns, the company manufactures previously unobtainable body parts for British classic cars.

It occupies a unique position since it assembles 32 derivatives of body shells and has built total production volume of over 7,000 for the MGB, MGR V8, MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite, Triumph TR6, Original Mini and Mini Clubman using original press tools and assembly jigs.


Tex Automotive

Tex Motor Accessories have been manufactured in England for over fifty years, and many of our products are still produced in our factory in Witney on the original tooling.

Since their first appearance on British cars in 1947, Tex products evolved over the years to keep in step with changing car designs. The current range includes wipers and mirrors that were original equipment on a huge range of Austin, Ford, Morris, MG, Triumph, Vauxhall, etc. from 1974 to 1983.

Tex are also major distributors of the Renovo car care product range (specialising in hood refurbishment) and Samco Silicone hose Kits.


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