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Motor Industry Communicators Association teams up with new Business Writing Academy to strengthen membership benefits

The Motor Industry Communicators Association (MICA) and Business Writing Academy (BWA) have launched a training initiative for all MICA members, their companies and clients.

MICA is the professional organisation for all communicators working in and around the industry in the UK and overseas. Its purpose is to develop the professional and social interests of members, through discussion, training and networking events that reflect the high standards of this dynamic industry.

BWA, launched and developed by Guild of Motoring Writers vice-president John Blauth, is a multi-module writing course to coach and teach people to communicate clearly, coherently, and effectively in writing.

Included in this initiative are the following bespoke offers to MICA members by the Business Writing Academy:

  • A personal discount of 50% on writing courses for individual members of MICA for £99.50 plus VAT per person (list price is £199 plus VAT)
  • Every sixth person brought in by a MICA member from their company, or companies for whom they consult, will receive a free writing BWA writing course
  • BWA will make a £5 donation to a registered and recognised automotive charity of MICA’s choice for every person introduced by a MICA member through this arrangement

BWA has worked with auto clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota Financial Services Europe and the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders.  Members can complete the modules in their own time and can re-visit the course material as often as they wish. There is no time limit or expiry deadline.

Each assignment that users complete online will be assessed by a professional editor and earn a validated certificate. Inquire at

John Blauth says: “The CEO of American Airlines once said that if a passenger finds a coffee stain on a seatback tray table, the message this gives is that the airline doesn’t service its aircraft properly. It is the same with written communication. Professional credibility will be enhanced, or damaged, by the ability or failure to communicate effectively using the written word. This applies to emails, texts, presentations, social media posts, letters, blogs, articles, and all written documents.”

MICA chair Poppy McKenzie Smith said:  “Our members report that they are looking for professional help and guidance on training and networking.  As communicators, one of our most important and impactful skills is the ability to write in an engaging and concise way.  The BWA’s new courses offer exactly that, making them a key MICA membership benefit.”

MICA, founded at the start of last year, has already run training on how to work with broadcast and streaming channels, as well as networking sessions with key industry figures. 

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