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Kia launches its League of Legends sponsorship campaign to celebrate diversity

Kia launches its League of Legends sponsorship campaign to celebrate diversity

Kia Europe has recently launched its brand-new League of Legends sponsorship campaign after having extended its main partnership with the popular eSports competition the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) into a fifth consecutive year.

The League of Legends game offers five areas to play in, known as positions: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support. This season, Kia is offering a virtual “Lane Assist”, to help players take pride in their role, identity and playing style while celebrating diversity and individuality. Kia will create five inspiring films that portray different roles, using these films to spark discussion and exchange in the online community.

Top Laners are go-getters, willing to tackle challenges on their own and take responsibility for their own actions. Junglers are multitaskers who have a great overview of everything happening in the game. Mid Laners can do lots of different things and often have a big impact on success in the game. ADCs are team players who work together with Supports who are the backbone of the bottom lane.

Kia’s “Stay True to Your Lane” campaign will have a dedicated hub on Discord. For League of Legends players and fans, Discord is the place they go to communicate and chat. Kia’s Discord hub will include five channels, with each one dedicated to the game’s five roles – to show the difference and importance of each area and celebrate the passion and commitment everyone brings to the game.

On the Kia Discord hub, players can get access to the exclusive content, contests, merchandise, and events available on that role’s particular channel. The objective is to encourage players to take pride in their position while also fostering greater respect between playing styles.

The popularity of eSports grows every year, and we are excited to continue to be part of this inclusive and diverse community. The League of Legends game is a fascinating microcosm of the world we live in, as a place that’s exciting, challenging and rewarding, and full of different people and moments of inspiration. We look forward to actively engaging with eSports players and fans, and hope to generate many positive conversations about being true to yourself, both inside and outside the game,” said David Hilbert, Director Marketing at Kia Europe

League of Legends is the world’s biggest and fastest growing eSports platform, with more than 150 million registered players and over 117 million players participating in the game every month. The LEC, one of the 12 global leagues and the highest-level competition in Europe, gained a peak viewership of over 800,000 views last season. Kia became the main sponsor of the LEC in 2019 and has over the years offered unique brand experiences to League of Legends players and fans, with marketing initiatives that included the company’s latest models.

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