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J40 Motor Co To Publish New J40 Book With David Whyley And Porter Press

J40 Motor Co To Publish New J40 Book With David Whyley And Porter Press

Since launching the J40 Motor Company in April 2020, the brand has evolved into much more than just a J40 parts and spares company. Burlen Ltd, owners of the J40 Motor Company and sole manufacturer of S.U., Amal and Zenith carburetters, has invested in new technology for manufacturing, introduced new product lines and has a future vision that will ensure the J40 is enjoyed for decades to come.

Today the J40 Motor Company announces the publication of a brand new J40 book, lavishly published, full of newly uncovered history and finished with stunning photography from past and present. Published later this year, the book will provide the definitive history of the J40 and will tell the tale of how it helped to shape the UK car industry.

Production of the original Austin J40 pedal car took place in South Wales at a specially constructed factory, opened in 1949 under the name of the Austin Junior Car Factory, and was a business created to provide employment for disabled coal miners who sought a new vocation after workplace injury. More details on this company, why it was founded and how it helped to shape the UK car industry will be covered within the book.

A total of 32,098 Austin J40 pedal cars were made before production ceased in September 1971. During that time the cars remained largely unchanged, and demand remains high today with examples fetching thousands of pounds on the used market, thanks in part to the annual Settrington Cup race held at Goodwood Revival where children race along the famous start/finish straight.

J40 History

David Whyley has also played a big part in raising awareness of the J40 and has appeared in many TV, book, and magazine features on the car as a result. Author of the renowned Austin Pedal Cars book, David is a mainstay of the J40 community and is also director of the JOY 1 Trust. The J40 Motor Company is delighted to announce David is the author of their new J40 book, which will contain a host of new information and photographs gleaned by David in the 22 years since his last book was published.

In addition to being the author of this important new book, David Whyley has also joined the J40 Motor Company as its official historian. Using his unrivalled experience, David will advise the J40 Motor Company as required and will collate a number of features on the history of the J40. David will also consult on relevant future developments of the J40 range.

Such was the importance of the J40 within the British motor industry, Porter Press International are the chosen publishers. Globally known for their beautifully presented and detailed automotive titles, Porter’s team will advise on design and creation of new book which is due to publish later this year.

Speaking of the new book, Burlen and J40 Motor Company Director Jamie Burnett said “We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of the J40 for future generations and to dispel the myth this is just a toy. The Austin J40 story is an important part of the British car industry and it is our job, as brand custodians, to protect and enhance that. Many people have a story to tell about the J40, and we encourage anyone reading this, who has information that may be relevant to the book, to contact us at [email protected]

The J40 Motor Company has reintroduced previously out of stock J40 parts, launched new products and accessories, improved quality and availability and has bought a number of early J40 cars for restoration and development. In addition, they have explored a number of junior motorsport activities, education programmes and plans to launch a range of merchandise.

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