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IONIQ 5 brings film to life for Hyundai Sponsorship of Films on 4

Hyundai Motor UK is bringing to life its largest ever TV sponsorship deal with new creative that transforms everyday city scenes into mobile cinematic experiences, powered by IONIQ 5.

Film has the power to transport viewers, taking them to somewhere new, whether that’s a different planet or moment in time. Hyundai is transforming the world around people as part of an eleven-part series of idents, highlighting the innovative standard interior features of IONIQ 5. The idents feature a specifically commissioned soundtrack by award-winning composer and producer, Anna Meredith, 2020 shortlisted artist of the Hyundai Mercury Prize.

Using the unique Vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology standard across IONIQ 5 models, Hyundai plugged a portable projector into the car and pointed it out the passenger window to celebrate iconic cinematic genres. From a cowboy cantering along the side of a road to a flying saucer landing down the side of a tower block, the projections were filmed for real and enhanced in post-production. Other than the projector, no modifications were made to the car when capturing the footage.

The series of sponsorship idents, created by Innocean UK, focus on the striking design and technology of the real star of the show the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5, as it aims to build awareness and boost perceptions of Hyundai amongst an ABC1 audience.

The first car in the new EV-exclusive IONIQ brand, and the first Hyundai built on a new dedicated E-GMP battery electric vehicle platform, IONIQ 5 heralds a new era for EV design, performance, and capability.

Matt Dunnakey, Head of Marketing Hyundai Motor UK, said: “IONIQ 5 cements Hyundai as pioneers in the electrified mobility space. By using the vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology we celebrate cinematic experiences to support mass awareness of our EV-exclusive IONIQ sub-brand as we journey towards decarbonising road transport.”

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