How to Modify your Retro or Classic Car for High Performance

Publication Information
ISBN: 9781845842895 
RRP: £24.99 
Subject: Cars 
Publisher: Veloce Publishing 
Author: Daniel Stapleton
Paperback, 2012
How to Modify your Retro or Classic Car for High Performance by Daniel Stapleton

This book explains what ‘high performance’ really is, analysing each part of the classic or retro car – the engine, transmission, brakes, etc – and showing how it can be modified and improved for greater performance, both with period correct parts (where available), and modern components such as electronic ignition.

It provides specific guidance and planning advice, examining the pros & cons, and road or motorsport suitability of each modification. Whether you want a more practical, better performing classic for enjoyable everyday use, or a souped-up racer for a diverse range of classic motorsport, you’ll be able to make the correct choices using the tuning ‘menus’ and easy-to-understand troubleshooting tables.

With a focus on both traditional tuning – such as overdrive units for gearboxes – and modern 5-speed gearbox replacements, as well as content on SU and Weber carburettors, this book will teach you how to modify a classic car for any purpose – without wasting money.

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