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Historic Motorsport TV Unveils a New Series of Films Focusing on the Best of British Engineering

Historic Motorsport TV Unveils A New Series Of Films Focusing On The Best Of British Engineering

Historic Motorsport TV release their latest film – The Beating Heart of Bristol Engines, an in-depth focus on Nottingham based firm INRacing.

The film marks the start of a new series focusing on the Best of British Engineering firms around Historic Motorsport.

The focus on IN Racing will cover the history of how the business started from Ian Nuthall, and how it gradually developed to become one of the world’s leading specialists in Bristol engines.

This fascinating insight explores the IN Racing labyrinth of workshops and shows the remarkable breadth of in-house capability from this family owned firm who now offer a complete one stop shop solution for classic restoration, race preparation and engine building.

We also look at the business’ current restoration projects on the go, and talk about their quest to save the world’s remaining Bristol engines, by remanufacturing almost every part. We also look at their latest development work on building and testing an all aluminium cylinder block for a Bristol engine.

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About IN Racing

Established in 1976, by Ian Nuthall, they business has grown organically, reinvesting into equipment such as 3-D printing, and precision CNC machining steadily expanded their capability to remanufacture almost any classic part they require.

The added machine capability, coupled with experienced operators, bodywork, paint and engine building specialists have morphed the business into a major player within the Historic scene. This is all before you take into account their racing success, and winning formulas for building, preparing and running Historic race cars.

Specialising in Bristol engine cars, the business remanufactures 98% of original Bristol engine parts and supplies them worldwide via their online catalogue.

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IN Racing – Ian Nuthall
About Historic Motorsport TV

Historic Motorsport TV is a YouTube channel which launched in March 2021, filling the void of a post pandemic historic motorsport industry. The channel launched with a series of interviews to all the major race organisers in response to a lack of opportunities for the organisers and competitors to get together at Motorshows.

Since its creation the channel has also launched a series of shows called Homemade – Built for Adventure, and exclusively broadcast the Live Stream footage from the Donington Historic Festival in May. The Series of Best of British Engineering is the latest release from the creators.

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