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Hagerty partners with journalist, driver, and classic car adventurer Charlotte Vowden

Hagerty International, a classic vehicle insurer and one of the world’s largest automotive lifestyle brands, announces a new partnership with journalist, driver, and classic car adventurer Charlotte Vowden. 

Vowden is already a regular on Hagerty’s fast-growing UK media site and has presented to the crowds at the 2022 Festival of the Unexceptional, appearing on the Hagerty live stage with the likes of Mike Brewer and fellow Hagerty ambassador, Paul Cowland.

The daughter of a mechanic, Vowden spent over fifteen years as a national newspaper journalist and editor before inheriting her first classic car, something that changed her life, outlook, and career. Last year, Vowden was presented with the coveted Classic Car Writer of the Year award at the 2022 Newspress awards, after winning the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Historic Motoring Awards.

Throughout 2023 Vowden will attend every Hagerty UK event, including RADwood, the Hagerty Hillclimb and the Festival of the Unexceptional. In addition, she will make regular appearances at the Hagerty Clubhouse, due to open at Bicester Heritage this summer, and will continue to write her selection of regular editorial features for Hagerty’s Media site.

Speaking of the ambassador role at Hagerty, Vowden said, “I see it as a privilege to tell people’s stories, everyone has one, and I’m proud to champion women in the industry by showcasing what they’re doing. I’m constantly inspired, impressed, and surprised by how diverse the community is and how people’s passion can manifest itself in different ways. Working with Hagerty allows me to reach a wider audience through their media and live event channels and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that lie in the year ahead.”

Mark Roper, Managing Director for Hagerty International, added “Charlotte has already established herself with Hagerty readers, through a series of great features that get under the skin of the classic car industry, and the people who contribute to its success. Charlotte’s own classic car journey is a great story, and we hope she continues to inspire more newcomers to the industry, particularly through her passion of championing women within the industry.”

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