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Hagerty Launches A New Season Of Exciting Automotive Shows On YouTube

Hagerty Launches A New Season Of Exciting Automotive Shows On YouTube

Hagerty is best known as a classic vehicle insurer, but with a 600,000-member strong Drivers Club, a 1.9m circulation printed magazine and 1.4m subscribers on YouTube they are one of the world’s largest automotive lifestyle brands.

2021 sees increased investment across all aspects of the Hagerty business, particularly within its content divisions. As a result, Hagerty editorial teams in both the UK and US are able to employ new staff members, enjoy increased production budgets and have more resources to develop digital, print and video content.

Today, Hagerty launches a new season of shows for car enthusiasts on its highly subscribed YouTube channel, featuring a mix of established series such as Redline Rebuild and Chip Foose Draws a Car, while adding newly produced shows hosted by car personalities such as Jason Cammisa, Magnus Walker and Ryan Symancek.

The Season 1 presentation of new shows includes:
  • Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker -A 6-part series, where Magnus Walker, famed Urban Outlaw, dives into affordable and unappreciated classics, and discovers the Next Big Thing. 
  • Rated A professional driver and a seasoned journalist head to the track with the most exciting new cars, taking a deep-dive approach to fully understand what they offer – often with a few disagreements along the way.
  • Jason Cammisa On The Icons Untold stories of automotive legends: a visually stimulating and entertaining wiki video series on why certain automotive icons become legends.
  • Know It All A short-form, humorous, quick-take on any technical concept pertaining to owning, driving, engineering, or talking about cars.
  • Revelations A 20-minute, broadcast-quality visual and acoustic review of the most important cars of all time.
  • Rad Ventures – Ryan Symancek revisits the icons of the 80s and 90s. In this 4-episode mini-series, he examines standard variations of rad-era classics, and then puts them head-to-head with their modern equivalent.
  • Buyers Guide – A reboot of a classic Hagerty series, where the most desirable vintage cars are brought to life. Hagerty experts give value information and helpful advice to anyone looking to purchase them.
Returning shows include:
  • Redline Rebuild – Host Davin Reckow works tirelessly to bring old engines to life. Each of these time-lapse videos represents thousands of photos and hundreds of man-hours celebrating the beauty of the internal combustion engine.
  • Chip Foose Draws a Car -From his hit TV show “Overhaulin'” to his award-winning hot rods, Foose is known throughout the car world for his unique style and attention to detail. Chip puts pen to paper and gives his unique take on car design.
  • Catch up on the latest Season 1 shows of The Barn Find Hunter from now until 14th March 2021. Featuring host Tom Cotter’s never-ending quest for hidden automotive gems, the show returns for Season 2 which launches on the 29th March.

The Hagerty YouTube channel, which boasts 1.4 million subscribers, can be found at

Car fans will see more incredible car videos, more often,” said Larry Webster, senior vice president of Hagerty Media. “We have an exciting mix of familiar favorites with some intriguing new shows that people are really going to like. There’s something for every car interest.

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