Germany At War: Tank Wars

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Running Time: 50 minutes
RRP: £12.99
Subject: Military
Format: DVD
Studio: Pen and Sword Books
Release Year: 2011
Classification: Universal

Germany At War: Tank Wars DVD

After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the fight for armoured superiority on the battlefield was quickly realised as one of the distinguishing factors that, combined with air and sea domination, would determine the outcome of the war.

However, at this time, nearly all of the armoured vehicles used in combat were classed as light or middle weight and were unable to meet the demands dictated by modern warfare. In order to succeed, the Germans would have to develop their technology exponentially in order to triumph against the allies on the field. The six years that followed, German tanks, assault guns and armoured vehicles were radically improved in all areas, with most offering superior firepower, manoeuvrability and armour that their allied counterparts simply could not rival.

The introduction of the iconic Panzer IV, Tiger and Königstiger (Royal Tiger) tanks allowed the Germans to dominate the battlefields, ensuring a wealth of armoured victories over their enemies. These two films deal exclusively with these deadly vehicles in meticulous detail, showing them in action on the front lines using original archive footage never before seen outside of Germany. With ov

er 50 minutes of original material, as well as bonus galles and footage, this DVD will appeal to all military and vehicle enthusiasts.

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