German Tank Wars

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Running Time: 55 minutes
RRP: £14.99
Subject: Military
Format: DVD
Studio: Pen and Sword Books
Release Year: 2011
Classification: Exempt
German Tank Wars DVD

On the fronts were many different types of tanks, assault guns and selfpropelled guns in use. Light tanks of the type I and II, medium tanks of the type III, IV & PAN THER and the heavy battle tanks of the type: TIGER, KÖNIGSTIGER etc. as well as numerous assault guns in different versions were in operation. The Tank divisions of the Wehrmacht and their support units, came to use on all sections of the front.

During the 1st World War tanks were used to support the infantry. They were linked on the battlefield with the slow infantry units to protect them and give them artillery support. The mass use of tanks gave a sinister influence on the outcome of events.

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