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Frank Stephenson Launches New ‘The Fate Creators’ Podcast Series On YouTube

Frank Stephenson Launches New ‘The Fate Creators’ Podcast Series On YouTube

World-renowned designer, Frank Stephenson, launches exciting new podcast series on his popular YouTube channel.

‘The Fate Creators’ series will feature a number of guests Frank considers to be ‘Fate Creators’, people who are designing or creating their own version of the future. The conversation will revolve around five main points: How to see Design, How to Approach Design, Current Tech, The Future of Design and Sources of Curiosity

In the first instalment of the new podcast, Frank welcomes rising design star, Jowyn Wong. Having previously worked alongside Frank as a designer at McLaren – and responsible for the design of the De Tomaso P72 and Apollo I E – Jowyn later founded his own design house, Wyn Design, to provide cutting-edge design in the rapidly changing landscape of future mobility.

The Fate Creators – Jowyn Wong

In an increasingly digital world, YouTube has become one of the most important mediums for Frank Stephenson Design to share its work. Launched in April 2020, amassing over 130,000 subscribers to date, Frank’s channel provides exclusive content that dives into the intriguing world of his creativity.

Frank talks viewers through his thoughts on design philosophy, sharing wisdom concerning curiosity and the creative pursuit gained from over 35 years as a designer, with his viewers.

Frank Stephenson said: In this podcast series, I will be inviting a wide range of guests that I consider to be ‘Fate Creators’ in their own right to discuss all things creativity- this will include designers, engineers, artists and anything in between. I am looking forward to using my platform to have conversations with those who share my passion for innovative and ground-breaking design.

Jowyn is someone I know from my time at McLaren and he has gone on to have a very successful career to date. Not only is his resume impressive but his outlook on the future of design is what I find most interesting. I can’t wait for viewers to see these conversations as the series develops.

In 2018, Frank Stephenson established the independent design company, Frank Stephenson Design, working with world-class dynamic talent open to changing reality with clients from all over the world and stretching the boundaries of design wherever possible.

The Frank Stephenson Design philosophy emphasis the rise of innovation through blending art with science and the latest technology, whilst taking care of our environment.

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