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Four Rings | The Story Of A Design Icon

Four Rings The Story Of A Design Icon - Marc Lichte

Audi | Behind the Rings, the new free-to-download eight-part series that brings a little Vorsprung durch Technik to the world of podcasting, continues on 16th June with its second episode: Design | Inspired by Audi.

Marc Lichte, Audi AG Head of Design, joins host Alex Goy on the pod to explain how car design has evolved through the years, with Audi always at the vanguard of technology and style.

The 30-minute episode explores every aspect of car design: what influences the shape and form of an Audi, how a designer develops their idea, why a balance must be struck between aesthetics and functionality.

Marc Lichte demonstrates the huge influence Audi has had on the world of motoring through the years, and where its leading-edge technologies are taking car design next. He also discusses which Audi models have made the biggest cultural impact along with his own personal favourites.

Audi | Behind the Rings has already got the car cognoscenti chattering: last week’s debut episode, Vorsprung durch Technik | Past, Present and Future, which examined one of the most famous slogans in advertising history, has already put the series in the top 20% of UK podcasts.  

Six further episodes of the series will land at weekly intervals. Each will take listeners behind the rings to explore key Audi topics ranging from electrification and futurology to the iconic quattro technology, motorsport and music.

Audi | Behind the Rings will be available for free download or streaming. Find each episode or subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

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Past, Present and Future of Car Design Explored in new Audi Podcast

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