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Caton to collaborate with Scabal during Sleeping with Art exhibition at British Hedsor House country mansion

Caton, the luxury coachbuilding brand focused on reincarnating luxury British icons, will display its latest creation – Healey by Caton – at Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars on 25th and 26th October at Hedsor House, UK, in conjunction with luxury tailors, Scabal. The creative movement, back for its second year following a hugely successful inaugural 2021 event, blends the beauty of cars with the allure of art, acknowledging that cars themselves are art. Bringing together automotive enthusiasts and art buyers from around the globe, the event will feature the Healey by Caton being showcased – an attraction for both audiences.

Situated at Hedsor House, a stunning Georgian mansion in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Sleeping with Art welcomes visitors, artists and automotive brands and provides the opportunity to see magnificent cars and automotive artwork, all displaying their latest work, in a one-of-a-kind event. After getting the chance to meet like-minded people who are interested in cars or art – or both – visitors also have the option to stay overnight at the event and have the experience of, quite literally, ‘sleeping with art’ in and around the cars and artwork. Designed to be fully immersive, with art being displayed everywhere: in the gardens, bedrooms, and even in the toilets, making it an event like no other.

Presented in conjunction with Scabal, with the Salvador Dalí-style draping seen at the first Caton and Scabal partnership event at the Savile Row Concours, the Healey by Caton will be showcased for the first time as art itself, surrounded by other automotive creations. Jayson Fong, the famous Australian photographer and artist, will also have his remarkable artwork on display. The impressive, traditional ink-on-paper depiction of the Healey by Caton, which was first created live at Salon Privé London this Spring, and now confirmed to be publicly shown for the first time at Sleeping with Art.

Tim Strafford, CEO of Caton’s strategic vehicle building partner, Envisage Group said: “Here at Envisage [Group], and Caton, we are of the popular opinion that cars can be art, and with the craftsmanship of the Healey by Caton, the car, in our eyes, fits that statement very well. We’re excited to have the car at Hedsor House in the presence of a plethora of automotive artwork, especially Jayson Fong’s beautiful work from Salon Privé London, which will look great alongside the real-life model.

The fact that we’re displaying with Scabal, which adds so much to the beauty of the car, is thrilling, as visitors will get to see what we have created together in partnership. It’s exciting that we have the opportunity to go to such an interesting event. The idea is extremely innovative, and we think the car will fit in with the backdrop of the mansion, the other cars, and the artwork perfectly.”

Healey by Caton combines modern-day design and engineering with traditional craftsmanship techniques to reincarnate the iconic Austin Healey 100, with a Caton twist. With only 25 being made, it is an extremely limited edition, and one will be present at Hedsor House, at Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars, for visitors to witness, in amongst an array of automotive art.

To see where Healey by Caton will appear and exhibit next, interested persons can look on the News & Events page at

Participating in UK events this year, Healey by Caton will venture to international venues in 2023.

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