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Bicester Motion’s CEO Daniel Geoghegan receives Outstanding UK Leader award at national Autocar Awards

Daniel Geoghegan, CEO and Founder of Bicester Motion, received the Outstanding UK Leader award at the 2022 Autocar Awards, during the ceremony held at Silverstone on the 10th May for leading his team in redefining the automotive experience for the modern era through real estate.

Autocar reported, “The real potential of the idea was unleashed when Geoghegan and his team launched plans to use the attractions to draw in other businesses and to divide the huge site into four separate quarters: Heritage; Wilderness for day visitors and campers; Experience for drivers and the car companies who need their custom; and Innovation for start-up technology businesses seeking new premises in a savvy, tech-aware environment.

As part of the Bicester Motion, Bicester Heritage was the first of the Quarters to be developed. It is the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for historic motoring enterprise, home to 47 industry-leading specialist businesses based at the UK’s best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station, and has been a clear proof of concept.

•   Daniel Geoghegan was awarded the Outstanding UK Leader Award for his work at driving the Bicester Motion concept forward
•   Bicester Motion is designed to be a thriving automotive, mobility and technology focused campus for Innovation, Experience, Heritage, Wilderness and Aviation
•   Bicester Motion’s Heritage Quarter, ‘Bicester Heritage’, is already home to 47 enterprises, from artisans to retail, and include the Morgan Motor Company, Singer Vehicle Design, Motorsport UK
•   Bicester Heritage has fast become a much-loved destination for automotive and aviation enthusiasts of all ages
•   Planning permission received for Innovation and Experience Quarters, Hotel and Conference Centre, and experience tracks 

Geoghegan comments: “I was absolutely delighted to receive such recognition from Autocar, a journal and team we greatly respect. Bicester Motion is much more than a place of work, which explains why so many leading automotive companies thrive here.  We have a clear vision for the future, it is truly an exciting time to be part of the mobility industry in the UK.”

Bicester Heritage is celebrated for creating a revolution in historic vehicle ownership, becoming the one-stop-shop for classic car enthusiasts. The site acts as ‘marina-like’ cluster, promoting skills, knowledge transfer, apprenticeships and skilled employment, collectively striving to drive the future of the past.

Within 10 years, Bicester Motion will be a thriving mobility campus, celebrating movement in all forms, from wheels to wings and more.

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