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BAC Creates Unique Mono Art Car With Urban Artist Rene Turrek

British supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has collaborated with renowned urban artist Rene Turrek to create a truly unique Mono Art Car.

Since its launch in 2011, the Mono has always been a bespoke supercar bought by highly unique individuals and, with unlimited personalisation options, no two Monos are ever the same. To highlight the blank canvas offered by the pure design of Mono, creating an Art Car with Rene was seen as a natural transition to demonstrate how a Mono could look, if approached with complete artistic freedom.

Rene’s art has no boundaries, whether he is creating his own take on an oil painting, or working on an urban outdoor artwork, his style is just like the BAC Mono – One of a Kind. Describing himself as an Urban art artist, designer, developer of new techniques, border crosser, art pioneer, tinkerer, and perfectionist there was no better partner for this ultimate BAC Art Car collaboration.

The Art Car Mono has been designed with a special paint which, when subject to ultraviolet light, reveals the true depth of Turrek’s artwork. The Art Car Mono was revealed at the recent Sleeping With Art event held at Hedsor house, where it was housed in a blackout room and displayed continuously under UV light for art lovers to enjoy.   

Ahead of the event, BAC also partnered with automotive artist Paperlegend an artist who creates metallic paper sculptures of legendary cars including the BAC Mono. BAC and Paperlegend issued an invite to artists around the world to create their own digital Art Car Mono. The best entries were displayed at the Sleeping with Art event, along with stunning Paperlegend models of the BAC Mono showing various artistic liveries.

Selected digital Art Car Mono designs also become NFTs all of which are available to purchase and enjoyed by global art collectors.

Owners of an Art Car Mono NFT can exclusively enjoy their digital creation as a piece of art in its own right or it can be used in the digital world such as within video games. Buyers of these special NFT artworks can also choose to commission a Paperlegend Mono Art Car model of the car and enjoy exclusive rights to create further art pieces around the same theme, which includes the commissioning of a BAC Mono Art Car of their own, finished in the same livery.

Ian Briggs, Lead Designer and Co-Founder of BAC, said, “Design has always been important to BAC. Our cars focus on providing the ultimate tool for the sport of driving, but our supercars have exquisite form as well as function. Every Mono owner has the opportunity to make their Mono a One of a Kind example, with endless personalisation options.

To create a Mono with Rene Turrek takes design to a new level and shows what is possible when no limits are applied to creativity. Complimenting the Art Car, our NFT designs are world-class, and provide an insight into how artists around the globe view Mono as a blank canvas. These stunning art collaborations are just the start of a journey between BAC and automotive art, and we ask you to watch this space for more examples of design creativity very soon.”

The BAC Mono Art Car is based upon a brand-new BAC Mono W and is available for immediate purchase. Those interested in owning this unique BAC Mono should contact BAC Headquarters for more information.

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