Automobiles Lost & Found: Extraordinary Stories of Long-Lost Cars Rediscovered

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ISBN: 9781844254385 
RRP: £19.99 
Format: Hardback, 176 pages, 217mm x 275mm; 2008 
Photos/Illustrations: B/W and colour photographs 
Subject: Cars 
Publisher: Haynes Publishing 
Author: Michael E Ware
Automobiles Lost & Found: Extraordinary Stories of Long-Lost Cars Rediscovered by Michael E Ware

Automobiles Lost & Found is a collection of the author’s lifelong experiences of cars that have between abandoned, sometimes in barns, sometimes in scrapyards, sometimes in quite extraordinary locations.

There was the Essex built into an underground air-raid shelter. The 1900 Argyll used as a piece of furniture in the front room of a Russian scientist in Dublin, the veteran Darracq chassis supported the veranda of a bungalow which itself was built around an old bus body.

And, of course, there’s the one car that still has not been found: the Renault known to be in the hold of the Titanic. These are just some of the wonderful tales of discovery to be found in this fascinating book by renowned motor historian Michael E Ware.

Review by Gordon Hamilton

Comparing Automobiles Lost & Found by Michael E. Ware with other books in the lost and found genre is a bit like comparing a BBC4 documentary with a Discovery channel show. One is terrific to watch but sometimes a little light on verifiable facts or skips over little details. While the other will be a little dry and plodding but you know it’s been well researched and is more right.

Well that’s kinda what’s going on here. Most lost and found books have big colour pictures and are a bit short and light on words. You can usually leave them in the bathroom and pick’em up have a quick dip in. Dream about ‘what if it had been me found that car’

Michael E. Ware takes the BBC4 route. Well researched and written,but you aren’t going to pick and throw down Automobiles Lost & Found. You will have to sit and read it. That’s because it’s a book with pictures rather than a picture book with words. The clue is in the sub title. Extraordinary stories of long-lost cars rediscovered. And that’s what we have here. Stories with some small photos from different sources. Some are public domain some are auctioneers catalogue photos,all are inconsistent.

The stores,although well written are a bit dry and the book doesn’t really follow a linear line. Sometimes we read about a particular lost and found car,sometimes a long lost scrapyard,an abandoned house that the owner had a collection or some specials or one off s. Sometimes the book is like listening to an older relative as they jump from one story to another. Just remember the title ‘stories’ don’t buy it for the pictures.

If you like BBC4 this might be for you .If You enjoy Discovery Channel,maybe have a look before you buy.

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