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Audi in the year 2030… and beyond

Audi in the year 2030… and beyond

Where will the Vorsprung durch Technik philosophy lead Audi next? Driving into the Future, the latest edition of the acclaimed Audi | Behind the Rings podcast series, lands on Wednesday 07 July and attempts to predict the future in its usual inimitable style.

Host Alex Goy meets up with Tina Koehler, Head of Marketing of Audi UK, and Jason Barlow, Editor-at-Large of Top Gear magazine, to peer into the crystal ball and find out what that future will look like for us all.

How will future technologies change the experience of sitting behind the wheel of an Audi? What ideas are currently being dreamt up by the experts at Audi HQ that will blow our minds in years to come?

Concepts, such as swarm intelligence, car-to-x services, autonomous driving and the very forward-thinking Audi Artemis Project are explained!

The podcast also takes a look at changing consumer behaviour and ownership models, e-commerce, and the future of mobility in general. Excitement is guaranteed… especially during the discussion of the fabled Audi Landjet.

Audi | Behind the Rings is fast becoming one of the most popular podcasts of 2021. The previous four episodes are still available for download:

  • Vorsprung durch Technik – Past, Present and Future
  • Design – Inspired by Audi
  • Electrifying Motorsport – A New Era
  • Electrification – Leading the Charge

Three further episodes dissecting Audi-related subjects will land at weekly intervals.

Audi | Behind the Rings is available for free download or streaming. Find each episode or subscribe at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or Spotify.

Listen and subscribe here:

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