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Audi Behind the Rings: Journey Complete

Audi Behind the Rings - Journey Complete - Matt Smith

One of the most acclaimed podcast series of 2021 comes to an end this week, as Audi | Behind the Rings goes on a journey through time with acclaimed actor and Audi ambassador Matt Smith.

Matt played the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who, as well as Prince Philip in The Crown, earning him an Emmy nomination. His latest starring role in the podcast series sees Matt, a long-time car enthusiast, discuss his passion for motoring in the eighth and last episode of the series: A Drive to Remember with Matt Smith.

During a light-hearted and entertaining back-and-forth with host Alex Goy, Matt reminisces about childhood scrapes in his dad’s beloved company car, embarking on road trips across America in a boxy convertible soundtracked by ‘70s funk, and falling in love with his Audi RS6, a vehicle he fondly refers to as ‘The Beast’.

Matt talks of his plans to take the RS6 on a tour of the Nordics, touches on the similarity between petrolheads and sci-fi fans, and sets the controls of the Tardis to see what travel may look like in the future.

It’s a lively, entertaining and often hilarious end to a series which has gained a loyal following. Previous episodes have taken deep dives on subjects as varied as design, sustainability, motorsport, the future, and the famous Audi philosophy of Vorsprung durch Technik.

All episodes are available to stream or download free at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

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