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Alpine F1 teams launches “Prost in the Paddock”, the first podcast series dedicated to Alain Prost

Alpine F1 teams launches “Prost in the Paddock”, the first podcast series dedicated to Alain Prost

Alpine F1 Team is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new “Prost in the Paddock” podcast series on 14th July, Bastille Day, the French national holiday.

In this audio series, Alain Prost, the only French Formula 1 World Champion and national hero, speaks candidly and with sincerity about his career and his role in the world of F1, the evolution of the sport’s top-tier category, F1’s new rules and regulations, and offers his opinions about the new generation of drivers as never heard before.

Four episodes with four themes

Alpine F1 Team speaks with the celebrated four-time world champion to provide listeners with rare and never-been-heard-before anecdotes. Four episodes in English have been produced in which he shares his thoughts about career choices, rivalries, performance, a look at the evolution of the sport and the human side.

The Alpine team non-executive Director does not shy away from any subject: “I wanted to become a footballer. I wasn’t at all interested in motorsport. But my brother was. I remember my first kart race. We went to Cannes on his initiative, and immediately I was hooked. Whether it was my first race in Formula 1 or even my first victory at Dijon, the feeling was the same as when I started karting. In a way, it was a new beginning. Even when I became World Champion in 1985, I thought, ok, I did it, but after, I could only think of one thing, to do it again regardless of how good my car was or my position on the grid.

This podcast is for all fans of this exceptional driver, from newcomers to established F1 ardent fans who have followed him since he debuted in the sport.

Episode 1 – A life of motorsport

Alain explains how a chance encounter with karting led to the birth of a vocation, which took hard work to pursue. He recounts how he worked round the clock to race in karts, progressing through the ranks to make his race debut in F1 in Argentina in 1980, in front of race director Juan Manuel Fangio! He then moves onto discuss his first win, the disappointment of 1984 and compare his era with the current.

Part 1 online 14 July
Part 2 online 21 July

Available from 14th July on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music and on other platforms.

Produced by Podiio, Directed by Mathieu Viguié

Each episode of ‘Prost in the Paddock’ will also be featured on Alpine F1 Team’s social media platforms at the time of its release (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Further episodes:

In joining the podcast world, Alpine F1 Team offers a new content stream via an easily-accessible platform to meet the expectations of a mobile and connected generation.

Episode 2 – Online 15 September
Episode 3 – Online 13 October
Episode 4 – Online 10 November

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