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Tanks in the Winter War 1939 – 1940

Tanks in the Winter War is a unique book. Certainly there have been shelves of books written about the Winter War, but none have described the Soviet units and their efforts, and none have described the tanks used in the confli...

British Armoured Divisions and their Commanders 1939 – 1945

A total of eleven British armoured divisions were formed during the 1939-1945 war but, as this highly informative book reveals, just eight saw action. In 1940 only 1st Armoured Division faced the overwhelming German blitzkri...


German Tank Wars DVD

On the fronts were many different types of tanks, assault guns and selfpropelled guns in use. Light tanks of the type I and II, medium tanks of the type III, IV & PAN THER and the heavy battle tanks of the type: TIGER, KÖNI...

German Fighting Tanks DVD

The 15th October 1935, saw the first tank regiment of the German Wehrmacht. In each tank department the middle sized tanks presented the main battle force. With 3300 tanks and 250 assault guns began in June 1941, the Eastern Ca...


Germany At War: Tank Wars

After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the fight for armoured superiority on the battlefield was quickly realised as one of the distinguishing factors that, combined with air and sea domination, would determine the...

Armoured Fighting Vehicles & Tank Defence

The German Wehrmacht was the name given to the unified armed forces of Germany during the Second World War from 1939 to 1945. The Wehrmacht consisted of the Heer (Army), the Kriegsmarine (Navy) and the Luftwaffe (Air Force). Fo...