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Early Electric Trams of Britain

From the early 1880s onwards the development of electric traction made it practical for new tramways to be constructed using this form of propulsion. Early lines — such as the Giant’s Causeway in Ulster and Volk’s Electric Rail...

Great Western Railway Road Vehicles

Always at the forefront of new railway technology it is less well known that GWR were also operators of a massive fleet of road vehicles. A must for railway and road enthusiasts, this book and the second part (Great Western Rai...


Great Western Railway Road Vehicles Part II

When the Great Western Railway was formed as part of the 'Big Four' under the 1921 Grouping of the Railways Act, it had a massive advantage over its neighbours, as the GWR was already an existing company, and thus quite unlike ...

Trams of the British Isles 1945 – 1962

At the end of World War II, there were more than 40 tramways operational throughout the British Isles. Within a generation, however, the number of operators that survived could be numbered on the digits of one hand as, one by o...


The Flying Scotsman: The Legend Lives On

From hauling the first non-stop express from London to Edinburgh in 1928 and breaking the 100mph barrier in 1934, to being sold in 1963, and to its final home at the York National Railway Centre, The Flying Scotsman has a rich ...

British Steam: BR Standard Locomotives

The strains of maintaining rail services during the Second World War had taken its toll on Britain’s steam locomotive fleet. On 1 January 1948, the British Transport Commission was formed, which placed all existing railway comp...