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Taxi! – The Story of the ‘London’ Taxicab



ISBN: 9781903706558
RRP: £15.99
Format: Paperback, 144 pages, 250mm x 207mm; 1998
Photos/Illustrations: Around 150 b/w and colour
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As much a landmark of London as Big Ben, it’s no wonder the traditional taxi has become known as the ‘London Cab’ – even though these taxis are used throughout the UK and all around the world. Here is the complete story of the traditional taxi from hansom cab forebears to the very latest TX1 taxi launched late in 1997. Here, too, is the inside story of the cabbie’s life, from acquiring ‘the knowledge’ to the reality of running a cab on a daily basis. Over 100,000 traditional taxis have been built in the postwar period and, staggeringly, 19,000 are in use in London alone …

A fascinating book for anybody who uses or drives taxis and a great souvenir of a visit to the UK.

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Taxi! – The Story of the ‘London’ Taxicab by Malcolm Bobbitt

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