Posted May 11, 2014 by AutoBookMobile in Announcements

Welcome to AutoBookMobile

Hello and Welcome.

AutoBookMobile.com is a place for transport enthusiasts to hang out and discuss book, magazine and DVD reviews but we will also cover collectibles, models and products.

You are welcome to sign up and maybe submit a few reviews (we like reading those!)

We cover a range of transport subjects including Aviation, Buses, Cars, Commercial, Military, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Railway, Scooters, Shipping, Tractors and Trams.  Other vehicles should find a home within these subject areas such as Fire Engines which are listed under the Commercial heading.

On the site, you will find book (and DVD, magazine, etc.) reviews on all types of vehicles including…

marque history and design books; electrical, bodywork and mechanical repair manuals; books on motorways, railways and waterways; roadside relics and barn finds; spotter books for the railway enthusiast; not forgetting autobiographies and biographies of the people who made it happen from    designers to race drivers and books on vehicles in popular culture.

We want to include as much transport related material as possible, whether it is a new or fifty years old.  If it is out there, we will cover it (might have a problem finding 50 year old DVDs though!).

Please feel free to email us if you would like to see something in particular listed on the website or if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy the site.